Why Do Anime Fans Dislike Anime Youtubers?

Published February 4, 2019 by Shay Taree

I decided to come up with this discussion based off some thing that I’ve seen on different anime discussion forums. But I would like to know what’s your opinion on this topic. So comment down below to let me know.

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Why Do Anime Fans Dislike Anime Youtubers?

~Shay Taree

One comment on “Why Do Anime Fans Dislike Anime Youtubers?

  • My reason for not liking them is mainly: They tell there fan’s what to think, which encourages them not to make decision for themselves.
    When you make a review/impression your giving people an idea of what is in the show, Your not telling them what ‘they’ should and should’t like.
    I have come across many of these anime you-tube fans and they tend to have this really bad habit, Which I like to call ‘reverse reviewing’.

    They love senpai’s answer, so there going to watch the show so that they can support it…even if the calculations make no sense.
    I have had one of these ****’s tell me that people dyslexia are not real people that should be acknowledged (just because there senpai hates dubs).

    They have a one track mind (very cult like).

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