My Mental Health!

Published April 1, 2019 by Shay Taree

So for today’s post I decided not to do a video due to really struggling with my mental health. This last week was a huge struggle when it came to my anxiety and my depression.

I just felt so overwhelmed with everything that was going on in my life and so many changes. Plus one of the major things I struggle with is feeling like I don’t fit in or like people are talking about me. I’ve always dealt with people not liking me especially as a kid and it’s something that has always hurt me. I always try to tell myself that I should continue to be myself but I still struggle with accepting myself.

For a while I actually thought of taking a mental health day at work but I ultimately decided not to. I just felt guilty thinking of calling in to work and I really wanted to be around family but many of them were going to be working as well. But I also felt a lot better after going through the weekend.

To help with my mental health this weekend I talked to my dad a lot and just really let him know what I was feeling. I also took the time to do a journal prompt and ultimately just did a lot of writing. Overall my mental health is something I’m still working on and something that I’m still struggling with. Sometimes I don’t know what else to do. But I know that it will get better.

But what do you you guys do for your mental health? Also what advice do you have for me and what I could try to work on self love and also my confidence since I struggle with that. I would love to read your comments and I hope that you all have a great week.

~Shay Taree

3 comments on “My Mental Health!

  • Hey shay my dear ❤ Lita wants to tell you, you have nothing to be sorry for when you don't get out a video because i know you know better than anyone else that your mental health comes first. I'm gunna use some french words here but you gotta say "Fuck everything right now" and chill. Watch some anime or youtube videos, read a book. Put your phone on airplane mode or silent mode and switch off. Sometimes when I have a meltdown these are the main things I do. Everything around me stops and I'm just finding some peace for myself.

    I'm never one to say over media if I'm not doing okay or whatever. I'm very private about that I dont find tweeting about it or whatever people use really helps honestly. I'd rather write in a journal than post my mental status. I respect people who wish to be open about how they are doing mentally wise currently but for me I've always been private about that, talking only among close ones to me. There's a time and a place for saying about your mental status and a choice.

    In your case Shay I'd personally take a break from making videos if you don't feel in the right mind space. I've done this many many times because I like my videos to be positive and not make it about me and what I'm going through. some people aren't going to give a crap and making videos in not a place for me to vent my frustrations. I'll vent my life frustrations in my own privacy.

    You're a beautiful person shay, I love you for that so please take care of yourself xxxxxx

    • Thanks so much for this girl! I really appreciate it. I’m definitely doing a lot better after this weekend and I do plan to make another video today. But everything that you said is very true and I probably need to take breaks more often.

  • Exercise and being outside are typically what I do to combat this. In particular I feel like exercise is just a great way to vent energy and you feel better about yourself as well. Your mind clears up and if you’re doing a particularly tough routine you have less time to think about anything else during the workout. It’s just a good break from all your troubles and while they won’t go away instantly or anything, just having any period without them is definitely a good refresher. I exercise an hour before bed every night now and it makes a world of difference. No phone or any electronics, just pure exercise

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