Being More Open

Published May 9, 2019 by Shay Taree

I know that a lot of people wonder why a person is so open online. Also when I mean open I mean being open about their feeling, their experiences, and also just anything else you can think of. Sometimes people are comfortable with being open and I can understand that. The reason being because they may not know the people that they speak with online or they want to use their time online not focusing on what is going on in their personal lives.

For me I understand both aspects. Sometimes I enjoy being more open online especially if I feel like it would help others. Like giving them encouragement or making them feel like they aren’t alone. I do this because I know of many others online who were open and it helped me a lot.

But I understand the other aspects since I don’t always know the people who respond back and I want to keep some parts of myself private.

So what do you guys feel about this? Do you prefer to be more open online or do you like keeping personal things a little bit more secretive? Comment down below and let me know.

~Shay Taree

7 comments on “Being More Open

  • That’s a really great question to bring up! I think that I try to be authentic and open about my opinions and feelings on things online, but I’m also relatively careful to not give out too much personally identifiable information, if that makes sense. It’s entirely possible to get real about important stuff without knowing where I live or anything creepy like that. Safety first!

    • I completely agree! I enjoy sharing my experience but I also don’t want anyone to find out extremely personally information

  • I’m definitely pretty open about all things fiction, but I do keep 100% of my real life out of the equation. If someone asks me something online about my personal life I usually deflect. I get especially paranoid when it’s a direct question, but otherwise I still feel like I’m pretty “real” online

  • I am both. I want to be real and express myself so people will know me but then there is another side of me that should never come out. This reminds me of a picture quote I remember seeing online about masks/face. One side you show to others and the one side of yourself you don’t share but it’s your true self.

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