Panic Attacks & Trying To Get Healthy!

Published July 9, 2019 by Shay Taree

As I’m writing this I am so so tired. The night before I slept horrible due to having a panic attack. If any of y’all have had a panic attack before they are horrible and even after it’s over (at least for me) I can feel the effects for hours after. Mostly it’s just the fear of having another one. But I’m blessed that I got through it.

One thing though that I’m trying to focus on is trying to get healthier. I want to start working out more, drinking more water, and also eating healthier. I can drink more water and working out I can work on. But the eating healthier part is what’s hard for me. I love sweets a lot and I love cheese. So I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about these things.

For starters I plan to start working out in the mornings before work for maybe like 10-15 mins and also eating a healthier breakfast. I don’t really like oatmeal but I’m going to try and start eating it. My biggest problem is lunch and dinner. Typically I don’t eat lunch and when it comes to dinner my family orders out a lot.

So I want to know for those of you who have gone through this or currently are do y’all have any advice. Also do y’all have any healthy recipes that you could recommend. Preferably for lunch or dinner. I mean I can eat salads but that may get old really fast. So comment those down below and to be honest I’m terrible in the kitchen so easy recipes would be awesome.

But y’all have a great day and please remember that you are you for a reason!

~Shay Taree

2 comments on “Panic Attacks & Trying To Get Healthy!

  • get the rolled oats and mix in some fruit, its great, none of that bagged stuff. panic attacks seem to be brought on by stress and insecurity, but getting healthy and in shape is a great way to create confidence so it could help. i can relate to this on a physical level because I used to have these random health episodes that would last for hours. its really stressful when you feel you are at the mercy of your body and cant control it. hopefully, you can get a handle on things by starting with your health. also look into resistance bands. its a great way to work out from home especially as a beginner for about $20

    • Thanks so much for this! I’ve struggled with my confidence and being insecure for a long time so working out will definitely be a good thing. I’ve learned a few of my triggers being alcohol and too much caffeine. I’m also working on cutting back on sugar. Controlling my stress though can sometimes be difficult. But once again thanks so much for the advice!

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