Video Games Aren’t The Issue

Published August 6, 2019 by Shay Taree

Currently in today’s political climate the talk has now turned to video games being the culprit behind the mass shootings that are occurring in the U.S which is total bull!

Like I mentioned in a tweet yesterday this is something that they tried to bring up before when the Columbine shooting happened in the late 90’s. That did let work then and it won’t work now. So many people have came forward with evidence that video games do not cause mass shootings. The same can be said regarding music since that seems to get roped in as well.

I mean I played shooting games as a kid and as far as I know I’m not desensitized by killing. I think what we have become desensitized To is these mass shootings. Every time one happens we say the same things, then we forget about it until it happens again.

But why blame video games. I mean other countries like Japan and South Korea play the same games but yet they don’t have this problem. I think that means the issue is the country.

Stop finding excuses for this issue. Maybe the issue is that people feel that hating people of a race or religion is so widely accepted that they feel they should put it into their own hands. Which shouldn’t be the case.

Like I also said in my tweet video games aren’t the issue. Racism and domestic terrorism is. That’s what needs to be condemned in our country. But comment down below and let me know your thoughts. I’m interested to know!

~Shay Taree

2 comments on “Video Games Aren’t The Issue

  • What do you expect, whenever a tragedy happens it’s used as a chance to tow the party line without ever offering a solution. Blame the guns, blame the games, blame racism, sexism, lack ofa believe in God, deflect the blame, make it a reason for people to vote for you. It’s gotten to the point that I honestly feel like no one gives a damn anymore. We only ever talk about gun violence or any other violence when it’s a mass shooting or something high profile then we forget about it in two weeks.

    Nobody is really offering a solution, they just go out and essentially blame objects instead of addressing things like mental health, the actual shooter, and the environment that breeds a domestic terrorist. These seem like things no one wants to talk about even though they’re probably a key factor. As of now it seems like people are just contempt with throwing out bullshit ideas.

  • “But why blame video games. I mean other countries like Japan and South Korea play the same games but yet they don’t have this problem.”

    I think that’s all the proof you need.

    “Racism and domestic terrorism is. ”

    I think those are important drivers. Also important? Top cover from the highest level of elected officials, especially of a certain party. That’s an absolutely lethal mix.

    Only by coming together in good faith will we get through this.

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