What Anime Song Or Soundtrack Are You Currently Enjoying?

Published September 26, 2019 by Shay Taree

The main reason why I decided on this topic is because I just got finished watching the anime Carole & Tuesday. This anime is a music anime so of course there is a lot of music/songs to listen to.

For me currently it is definitely this soundtrack that has been stuck on my mind. Before that it was the Cannon Busters opening and ending song (definitely recommend checking it out). So I’m wondering what song or soundtrack are you enjoying currently?

Many times the music in a show can definitely be one of the first things that get you hooked. Before Cannon Busters I hadn’t found any new anime songs I enjoyed. I was still listening to the old ones that I enjoyed. Which may explain why I was in a bit of an anime slump.

So give me some ideas on what you’re listening to! I would love to know! Also please tell me what anime it’s from as it may make me want to check out the show so that I can listen to this song.

~Shay Taree

One comment on “What Anime Song Or Soundtrack Are You Currently Enjoying?

  • I’ve definitely been enjoying the Phi Brain ost quite a lot. It’s got a pretty nice mexican feel to some of the songs which work really well with the puzzles. It’s a nice tune to have on while exercising or just doing general chores around the house

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