Loving & Accepting Yourself!

Published October 22, 2019 by Shay Taree

So one of the things that I’ve been struggling with has been with me not caring about what people think and also learning that I can’t please everyone.

It’s not really my friends I have the issue with it’s mostly family that I’m still having this issue with. I’ve always struggled with trying to make one individual in my family happy but I’m learning that it just isn’t possible. Trying to do this has been causing me so much stress and also for me just to be generally unhappy. It’s caused me to not love myself and to not be happy with who I am. Plus it’s caused me to compare myself to others in my family since sometimes their accomplishments can be thrown in my face which makes me feel inadequate.

But I’m saying no more! I’ve been listening to a lot of different people that I admire and learning so much about myself and how to just love myself. Plus I’ve been working with a therapist to sort through these issues. Most of these issues stem from childhood so I know that it’s going to take time for me to work on these issues and not feel this way.

The main thing I’ve been watching on YouTube is a lot of Marvel interviews and specifically their panel interviews. The one person I’ve been watching the most is Sebastian Stan’s since he gives a lot of great advice and says a lot of inspirational things. It’s really helpful and has definitely inspired me to be more and not to worry about others that don’t bring anything special into my life.

I know that many people would keep things like this hidden but I don’t mind sharing since I hope that it can help others. Plus to show others that I’m not always a happy puppy but I’m getting through my issues and sadness one day at a time. I also want to show people that there is hope and that you don’t have to struggle with these issues alone. I also like to keep track of my progress and see where I’ve been and just how far I’ve come. For some reason I find this to be fulfilling and inspiring during those dark time’s that many of us go through.

So I hope that this brings hope to someone and that you love yourself! Also show others love since you don’t know what others are going through. Things are going to be okay and I know that all of you will succeed and be happy.

~Shay Taree

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