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Bad Boys For Life Review! (Spoiler Free)

Published January 21, 2020 by Shay Taree

This weekend I was able to see the movie Bad Boys For Life and I can actually say that this was a movie that I was super excited to see. Ever since I saw the 1st previews I couldn’t want to watch it. So I can’t honestly say that it doesn’t disappoint.

The main premise of the movie is of course Mike and Marcus going after a bad guy. But it seems to be a bad guy from one of their pasta which you find out at the beginning of the movie. So of course chaos and hilarity happens throughout the film. You have jokes from both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence which was amazing to see. Plus the action was amazing.

A lot of the previous cast has returned which was great to see but also there are so new characters. These new characters were a breath of fresh air and brought in a new group that shows that franchise can definitely continue.

Also speaking of continuing it has also been hinted that a Bad Boys 4 is in development and after the mid credits scene I can see how this can be the case. The mid-credits scene definitely makes me excited to see what could happen next.

So check out this movie if you haven’t already. It’s playing at a theatre near year and it’s jam packed with action from beginning to end with some shockers thrown into the middle. So comment down below your thoughts if you seen this movie and also if you plan to see it.

~Shay Taree