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Exploring Comparison Through Paradise Kiss and Peach Girl!

Published December 9, 2019 by Shay Taree

Once again it’s time for another Motivational Monday video and this time the topic is on comparison. This time I decided to use the anime of Peach Girl and Paradise Kiss. So check out the video and feel free to comment below any topic you would like me to discuss for another Monday video.

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~Shay Taree

13 Reasons Why Book & Season 1 Review!!! (Beware Spoilers)

Published July 12, 2017 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone!! So like I promised a while back here is finally my review on the book and season 1 of the controversial show 13 Reasons Why. Yes there are spoilers in this video and the series itself talks about suicide. So if you plan to watch the show, read the book, or are sensitive to the topic of suicide then I suggest not watching this. But otherwise enjoy and if you are enjoying my content be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. 

~Shay Taree