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Anime Reboots!

Published January 24, 2015 by Shay Taree

Since the anime Sailor Moon got its reboot with Sailor Moon Crystal and also Dragon Ball Z got a reboot with Dragon Ball Z Kai I’ve been wondering what other anime’s should have a reboot.

One anime that came to mind was Cardcaptor Sakura.

That was an amazing show and I would love to see what they can do with it to make it even better. One of the main things I could think of is that if they did reboot it and then make a dub of it, it would be keeping the original names. As we all know when the dub was released a few of the names of the characters were changed. For example Sakura’s best friends name was changed to Madison which I didn’t understand.

Also what about if Pokemon got a reboot!

Now I think that would be awesome! I would love to see Ash age, I would love to see him fall in love (with Misty preferably)

2015/01/img_8639.jpg (credit to the artist)
, and I would love to see it follow the manga more. Also just so everyone knows I haven’t read the manga but I do plan to so don’t worry. I’ve heard good things about it so I hope it’s good. Okay now I’m getting off topic but anyway wouldn’t it be awesome to see Pokemon get redone with a more adult edge to it. Well I think it would be cool.

But anyway that was just one of the things that I had just thought about in this crazy brain of mine. But what do you all think about these shows getting a reboot or just reboots in general. I would love to know!

Happy Watching ~ Anime Reviewer Girl!