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Calling Attention To Your Faults!

Published July 30, 2019 by Shay Taree

What made me think of this topic is due to a conversation that I had with my boyfriend. He helped me to call attention to something I didn’t realize was a problem. That problem was that I tended to not always do what I say I’m going to do or doing what I want to do regardless of what others want. Hearing him say this really brought to my attention that I need work on this because it isn’t fair to those around me.

So now I’m wondering how I can solve this problem. Well maybe not solve but definitely work on it. I know that one of the things I plan to do is start to notice when I’m doing those things and stop it right away. This way I can correct that behavior before it becomes an issue.

I also know that there are other things that I need to work on like trying to listen to others more and also taking criticism better. But I know that this is a start.

So now I recommend that everyone think about something that they may need to work on. Also if you do think of something how do you plan to overcome this issue or resolve it? If comfortable comment down below and let me know. I’m interested to read everyone’s comments.

~Shay Taree