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What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?

Published October 20, 2014 by Shay Taree

Hello Friends!!

Since I just finished watching Pokemon Black and White I decided to do another Pokemon post but this one isn’t a complaint it’s actually a question for everyone!

This is a very simple question but maybe it may take you some time decide. I know that Pokemon is wayyyyy beyond the original 150 Pokemon but I know that everyone still has their favorites even though it make take some thinking.

My favorite through is still from the original 150 and that’s Pikachu! That’s mostly because I would just love to have one! Pikachu’s look very cuddly and just a very loyal Pokemon. Plus Ash’s Pikachu is hilarious! So comment down below what your favorite Pokemon is. Also post a picture with it too so I can see what this Pokemon looks like.

Bye Friends!