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My Top 5 Game Systems!

Published May 12, 2016 by Shay Taree

Besides liking anime I also really enjoy playing videos games! So here is my top 5 video game systems!
1. Super Nintendo:

 This was one of the first game systems that I got as a kid and I loved playing Duck Hunt and of course playing Mario.

2. Sega Genesis: 

This was the game system that had quite a few iconic games on it and of course my brother and spent countless hours playing games on this system.

3. Nintendo 64: 

Whenever I talk about a game system that I really love I can’t help but talk about. There were so many games on this system that were pivotal to my childhood that it’s hard not to love this system.

4. Sega Dreamcast: 

Yes I know that this system wasn’t the best. To be honest I only really liked this system because it had my favorite sonic game where you could choose to be good or evil.

5. The Gameboy Series: 

Gameboys are like one of the best handheld gaming systems out so of course I had to put it on my list. I still remember when I got my first one and I haven’t stopped getting them since.

But what is your favorite game system? I would love to know! Comment down below on which ones are your favorite and why.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!