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Highlight Of The Week?

Published September 27, 2019 by Shay Taree

So today is Friday and I don’t know about everyone else but today has felt like both a short but also long week. But I’m curious as to what was the highlight of your week? What are you happy about that happened this week? What are you proud of yourself for doing? Or what did you accomplish. The ideas are limitless.

For me my highlight of this week is that I’m proud of myself for going to the doctor for my checkup. I’m terrified of doctors but when I went this time my new doctor was really nice and helped me feel at ease. Yes I did shed some tears because I was nervous but overall it went well.

Another highlight was being able to finish the anime Carole & Tuesday. It was a great show with amazing music. It also helped me to accomplish having a new anime review video for my YouTube channel.

So what was your highlight of this week? I would love to read them!

~Shay Taree