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The Ideal Length For An Anime?

Published February 1, 2016 by Shay Taree

Many of us have watched several different anime’s and each have been different lengths. But I was wondering what to you is the ideal length for an anime?
Many people don’t exactly enjoy long running anime’s since it can be a long commitment to watch an anime that goes for hundreds of episodes do example One Piece. 

 But there are others who don’t exactly like short anime’s because sometimes it may not tell the complete story. 

For me my ideal length for a show is anywhere between 12-24 episodes but I don’t mind if a show is split into different seasons of the same length. The reason why is because it similar to how shows air on tv and it doesn’t seem as daunting to watch a show that is that length.

Now it also does depend on the show. Shows that have that much detail may require more episodes but I still suggest seasons. Also of your someone that likes writing or recording reviews it gives you something that you can watch within a reasonable amount of time.

So what is for you the ideal length of an anime for you? Do you enjoy watching the long running shows, do you enjoy the shorter length shows, or do you just not care and just want to watch a show. So comment down below on what you think of this topic. I can’t wait to read your comments. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

Long Running Anime Series?!

Published June 8, 2015 by Shay Taree

So todaY’s post is on the more normal side haha but my question is what is your thoughts on long running anime’s?

When I mean long running anime’s I mean any anime that has been going on for years.  So I mean anime’s such as Bleach, Naruto,  One Piece,  or Gintama.

My thoughts on long running anime is that I do like them and have found many of the series facinating and interesting. But I do feel that long running anime series can be daunting and also that the storyline may start to get stale. 

Now the reason why I say it can be daunting is because I find if there is a lot of episodes it can feel like a chore to start watching it especially if its still producing more episodes. Now as far as the storyline is concerned for some series it can become the same concept for each arc of the series where there is a new bad guy to fight and the main character is at first too weak to win then they go through intense training to prepare for the fight. 

But what do you think of long running anime series. Comment down below to let me know.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!