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Nerd News Episode 11: Spider Verse 2, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Shane Dawson Makeup Palette!

Published November 6, 2019 by Shay Taree

It’s Wednesday which means its time for episode 11 of Nerd News! Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode and comment below ideas for the next one.

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~ Shay Taree

Being Your True Self!

Published May 10, 2019 by Shay Taree

So I wanted to talk about being your true self because I’m sure that many of us change how we are depending on who we are around. Now I know sometimes we have reasons like if we are in a professional setting or things like that but I mean like holding back positive parts of ourself that we love about ourselves.

Now I know that we a lot of times can’t be our complete selves and a lot of times feel out the room to find out what is considered acceptable behavior. I think that’s okay but I mostly mean like holding back talking about positive hobbies or things like that. Trust me I know that talking about personalities and being yourself can go many different routes.

I can honestly say that I do this mostly because I know that I would be made fun of or looked at differently due to these parts. The parts I’m mostly talking about are the nerdy and talkative parts of myself. I let these parts out when I’m around people who truly allow me to be myself.

But there are certain people that I hold these parts back with. This is mostly because I’ve let these parts out before and I was either made fun of (friends) or told later that those parts made me seem childish (certain family).

Well I’m here to say that I’m learning overtime that I don’t care about what people say about these parts of myself. I truly love who I am and the personality that I have. If someone has an issue with that then that’s on them not on me.

Now I will say that there are moments where I still don’t feel comfortable with it depending on who the people are because it’s still a work in progress. But overall I’m realizing that the Lord made me this way for a reason and gave me this personality for a reason. So I should enjoy sharing it.

But have any of you ever felt this way? If so then what made you accept that part of yourself or what made you change? Plus do you have any advice for others? Comment down below!

~Shay Taree

Anime Strike Is No More!

Published January 8, 2018 by Shay Taree

News broke this week via Twitter that Anime Strike is now no more! So what does this mean about watching anime on Amazon TV. Check out my video to find out more.

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~Shay Taree

Is Being A Nerd/Geek Now Trendy

Published October 12, 2015 by Shay Taree

Now some people may get mad since I’m using the term nerd or geek but hey I don’t mind the term and I definitely embrace my nerd or geek side.

But the reason why I thought of this topic is because I saw the coverage of New York Comic Con on TV and it got me thinking that things have now changed with how geeky or nerdy things are viewed.

Yeah there are some things that could change in this realm like anime being more mainstream but I feel like everyone is try to be nerdy or geeky. I guess I notice it with the fashions that are now out and also with the glasses that are now in trend.

I kind of think it’s awesome that people are embracing things that are geeky or nerdy but I still find it strange that all of sudden it’s kind of in trend to be nerdy. 

But what do you guys think of this or have you noticed that being geeky or nerdy is now a trend. Comment down below with what you think. I can’t wait to read you comments. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!