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New Years Resolutions!

Published January 5, 2020 by Shay Taree

So it’s only at this time 5 days into the new year and of course every time a new year happens everyone has things they want to start doing. The most common one is usually eating healthy or working out. I also had these on my list as well as a few other ones like reading more, continuing to work on my confidence, and also continuing to follow my dreams.

Like many of us though we start off pretty strong but by the time it reaches February we start to return to old habits. We go back to eating junk food, the gym becomes forgotten, or we go back to what was most comfortable for us.

So I guess my question with this post is how is everyone doing with their current resolutions. Also for those that kept up resolutions what advice do you have for those currently trying to conquer our. I would definitely love to know.

~Shay Taree