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Onward Movie Review! (SPOILER FREE)

Published March 24, 2020 by Shay Taree

I know that now Onward is soon going to be available for on-demand to rent at home but before it left theaters I had a chance to check it out. I honestly I have to say that this movie was so adorable and definitely a must see.

Onward is about a boy named Ian who on his 16th birthday is given a spell that will allow his dad to come back for 24 hours. Things don’t go as planned and Ian and his older brother Barley embark on an adventure to find the gem which will allow them to spend time with their dad.

The voices of the two main characters Ian and Barley are Tom Holland voicing Iantom holland

and Chris Pratt voicing Barley

.chris pratt

Tom Holland is of course known for portraying Spiderman/Peter Parker in the MCU and Chris Pratt is known for his work also in the MCU as Star Lord/Peter Quill. These guys were hilarious and were definitely a great fit for these characters.

Overall what I thought of the movie is that it was really great. While a lot of people have said that this movie was a flop I honestly don’t believe that. I think they movie would’ve done very well if it wasn’t for what is currently happening in today’s society which has caused a lot of people to stay away from crowded places. The movie was also a great portrayal of a relationship between two brothers which is very different from what we have currently been seeing in animated movies. With movies like Frozen and Frozen 2 which dealt with the relationship between 2 sisters it was great to see a movie about brothers learning more about each other and growing closer.

Yes I do have to also add that this movie will make you cry. This movie had me shedding so many tears because it was such a great symbolism of a dad can be anybody that has been that dad figure to you. It also dealt with facing your fears, going with the flow, and also being selfless. Which are all great qualities that someone should learn and see.

So I definitely recommend checking out this movie and watching it will your whole family. It definitely has something in there for everyone which I think most Pixar/Disney movies have. Also let me know what you thought of this review and I plan to write more reviews soon and also more blogs in general. So comment below an ideas you have for blog posts.

~Shay Taree