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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Published January 7, 2020 by Shay Taree

As many of you know inspiration can be everywhere. It can be in a song you listen to, a book you read, a tweet, a Instagram post, or even on a t-shirt you read. Inspiration is literally everywhere. But I’m sure that there is someplace that we all look to for inspiration and I would like to know what that place is for you.

For me I tend to look for inspiration a lot on social media. I look at what people are tweeting about, posting on Instagram, or even pinning on Pinterest. Sometimes the most simplest things can help you strike some inspiration. Many time what this inspiration causes in me is sometimes a YouTube video to post, a blog to write, or even just an activity I would like to do at home.

Another place I look to is Youtube. Although I think youtube is something that ends up finding me more so than me looking for it. Sometimes I video pops up that really inspires me or I find a youtuber that is inspiring. It really just depends on the day.

So now I would like to know where do you find inspiration? Comment down below because I will love to read them.

~Shay Taree

Positive Social Media App!

Published September 22, 2019 by Shay Taree

Trust me I know that this is a weird title for a blog post but just hear me out. I know that social media gets a lot of attention now a days about being pretty bad for a persons mental health. I also can agree to this since at times when I go on Instagram and Facebook I start to compare my friends lives to my own.

But I think there are some positive social media apps that don’t cause me this kind of stress. For me that app is Pinterest. I know that many people use Pinterest to look for inspiration when it comes to recipes, decor, and just ideas in general. For me I’ve also found this to be the case but there is so much more.

I’ve used Pinterest to look up exercises, find interesting articles, find journal prompts, and also to find quotes that I find inspiring. All of these things have helped me to cultivate a positive attitude and also to keep me focused on goals and also day dreaming of what I hope for my life.

Pinterest doesn’t seem to thrive on likes, follows, etc. Yes it does have those aspects such as other people can pin things you pin and also can follow your boards. But it doesn’t cause me anxiety if no one pins a post or doesn’t follow my board. This could be because I truly mostly post the things I like and not things I hope will get likes or follows.

Another great thing is that your boards or pictures that appear depend on things you’ve pinned before and you can choose to hide images if it’s things you don’t enjoy.

I definitely recommend checking out this app if you haven’t already. Yes I know another social media app but this app is different than the others at least to me that seems to be the case.

~Shay Taree

What App Are You Obsessed With?

Published May 29, 2019 by Shay Taree

Now I don’t know about everyone else but I’m obsessed with finding new apps to put on my phone. So I’m always seeing what other apps people have on their phones just to see if it’s something that I may like.

But in my case I’m actually rediscovering an app that I’ve actually had on my phone for a while. That app is Pinterest. I know that Pinterest has been around for a while and at one point a lot of people were talking about this app. Well when that craze was going on I wasn’t really too interested in it. Maybe this was because I didn’t really know how to use it or even what the purpose is. But now I’ve finally gotten the hang of it and I love it.

Currently what I mostly use it for is inspiration, daydreaming, and also just to plan for events in the future. So yes I’m definitely that girl that has a wedding Pinterest board. What can I say a lot of the pins are really cute and plus I have a lot of friends that are married or engaged so it’s fun to imagine.

But what apps are you guys currently obsessed with? Is the app a new one that you’ve downloaded or is an old one that you’ve gotten re-obsessed with. Comment down below and let me know. Maybe I may even try out the app.

~Shay Taree

Vision Boards!

Published April 4, 2019 by Shay Taree

I know that the big thing that everyone likes to talk about and make are vision boards. I’ve never created an actual vision board but I did decide to create a digital one using Pinterest.

I decided to try creating one after doing some research via YouTube and hearing from other youtubers that they created one and I decided to try it out. Now most youtubers I saw made an physical vision board involving a poster board, magazines, etc. I decided to try and do one digitally because well I didn’t have any magazines or other materials that they mentioned.

But I guess my main question is have any of y’all made a vision board? What was your experience and will you do it again? I think one thing that I need to get better about is looking at my digital vision board more often. So comment down below and let me know.

~Shay Taree