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Illegally Downloading Or Streaming Anime ¯\(°_o)/¯

Published February 26, 2015 by Shay Taree

So this topic is one that can cause some controversy I guess and it’s about illegally downloading or streaming anime. Now I can already see the looks that many people have on their faces but I think that it is an interesting topic.

Now for me I before did illegally stream my anime due to various reasons. Mostly the reason was that I couldn’t find the anime I wanted to watch on the legal sites so I went there and plus I didn’t know what it was doing to the industry. It wasn’t until I did my research that I realized this. 
Now I know that some may not agree with me or may have their own reasons for doing what they do and that’s fine. But this was my reason and now I try my best not to illegally stream my anime.
There are several different sites to stream anime legally and they are: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Anime News Network, Funimation’s website, Crunchyroll, and Daisuki. Now I know that a majority of these websites require a membership but some of these also don’t. I know that before I could get a subscription to Funimation and Crunchyroll I would still watch series that had previously aired. 
Now I can definitely say that the legal sites and companies like Funimation are doing a great job of getting anime to us quickly. Even by now dubbing an episode fairly quickly instead of you having to wait 6 months to a year for the dub to come out. 
But let me know what you all think about this topic. Just comment down below and like always I will answer back.
Happy Watching! ~ Anime Reviewer Girl