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Team Rocket Change

Published October 17, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I recently finished a good portion of Pokemon Black and White and there has been a huge change in Team Rocket and I thought I would like it but I don’t.

Before like everyone knew Team Rocket was the funny element of the show where they would never win and get what they wanted but it was funny seeing them try. Plus I have to admit I loved seeing all their different disguises that they would come up with.

But when I started watching Black and White I realized two things about Team Rocket with this season: 1) Team Rocket wasn’t in the season that often. They were honestly only in the series a handful of times and it was mostly toward the end with the bigger dilemma. 2) Team Rocket was more serious! There was no disguises, no crazy schemes, and no crazy blasting off which was always the funniest and most satisfying thing to see at the end of each episode.

I really hope that in the next season of Pokemon that I plan to watch soon (but not too soon since I’m going to take a break and catch up on Fairy Tail) that Team Rocket will be in it more and be their funny selves again.

But that’s it for now and tell me what you guys thought of this new Team Rocket when you saw them in the Black and White season of Pokemon.

Bye Friends!



Fanfiction….Yes Or No?

Published March 25, 2014 by Shay Taree

How do you guys feel about fanfiction? I for one really like to read it and would like to know if anyone would be interested in me posting reviews about the fanfiction that I read. It will be mostly anime fanfiction since that’s all I really read at the moment. But do you guys like to read fanfiction?

Leave your comments below to let me know how you like or done like this idea. Also how do you feel about fanfiction in general.