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Friday Realizations & Thoughts!

Published October 4, 2019 by Shay Taree

So yesterday I came to a realization that really spoke to me. Yesterday I found out a friend of mine got a new and it’s a good job. So I found myself comparing my currently job, life, etc to her job, life, etc. It’s safe to say that me having those thoughts didn’t make me feel very good.

I was left feeling inadequate and wanting to make a change. Well I decided to do that by looking for a new job. It wasn’t until I got home from work that I really started thinking. Was I looking for a new job because I wanted one/needed one or was I looking so that I can try and compete with my friend or try and keep up with her?

The conclusion I came to was that I wanted to keep up with her and I was really afraid of falling behind. This is a great fear of mine. I fear not being successful in my life, I fear my friends leaving me behind, and I fear not living up to my potential.

So this morning when I thought about what I really want and what I want my career to be. The same thought came to my mind and it was entertainment. It’s something I’ve always gravitated towards and I know it’s the path I want to follow. But now how to do it. That part I don’t know but I’m gonna figure it out.

For now though I’m just happy that I came to this conclusion. Also now I plan to continue following my dreams and going to continue working on staying true to myself.

I guess to leave everyone with a questions is what’s something that you fear and what’s something that you want to accomplish?

~Shay Taree