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Solving For Ex Book Review!

Published February 2, 2018 by Shay Taree

I have finished another book so that means another book review! The book I just finished was Solving For Ex By Leigh Ann Kopans. I bought this book via the iBooks store at a pretty cheap price.

Solving for ex is about a girl named Ashley who is in love with her best friend Brendan. She thinks the year is going to be just the same with her and Brendan both being on the mathletes team and just spending time together like they usually do. But then two new kids start at their school a boy named Vincent and a girl named Sofia start at the school it turns her world upside down.

After the drama she experience at her old school it feels like history is repeating itself and Ashley doesn’t know what to do. From there the drama ensues.

This book is kind of your typical young adult romantic novel with drama and of course romance. At the beginning of novel

I wasn’t all that into it but once the characters Vincent and Sofia were introduced I couldn’t help but be hooked. When these characters were first introduced I couldn’t help but feel that something was up about them and I was right.

I also couldn’t help but put myself into Ashley’s shoes since I’m sure we have all been there when it comes to liking someone and feeling like another person is taking over our territory.

While I did enjoy this book there was just some things that I wanted a little more of. Like I wanted to know more about what was going to be the end result with a few of the characters. I also felt like the romance that happened with some the characters happened too fast.

But overall this book was an enjoyable read and at certain parts I couldn’t put it down. So if your interested in reading it definitely check out this book!

~ Shay Taree