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Why I relate to Starr In The Hate U Give!

Published June 18, 2019 by Shay Taree

So this past weekend I finally watched the movie The Hate U Give and it was definitely a really good movie. It also made me as upset and sad as I thought it would especially since I had read the book. But this isn’t a post about the movie or book. This is about one particular character and that is Starr Carter

In the movie and book Starr talks about having to be 2 different people. She has how she is with her family and close friends whom are black and also how she acts at school which is predominantly white. I could completely relate to this. Since as a person of color I did this when I was in school and I even do now since being in the workforce.

This is mostly due to the stereotypes that are surrounding people of color and especially black women. I try my best to mind my attitude (not that I really have one), I make sure to use a tone of voice which I like to call my white people voice, and I try and make sure that I don’t show my blackness too much. Now what I mean by that is I try not to be what’s considered ghetto or ratchet.

This is something that I’ve had to do and deal with my entire life. I mean I remember even going with my mom to her job and making sure to dress appropriately, say my please and thank you’s, and be super polite even if the other kids weren’t.

From a very young age I was very much aware of my race and as I’ve gotten older I’m even more aware. I know how black woman are portrayed in the media so having to have what seems to be 2 different personalities is nothing new to me. As well as being viewed as not the typical black person since I don’t portray the stereotypes that so many people see on tv.

Now I know that several others may disagree with what I’m saying and that’s okay. I respect others opinions. But this is definitely my reality and this is why I related to Starr so much.

But comment down below and let me know what you think about this. Also let me know if I should make a video discussing this topic even further. I’m interested to know.

~Shay Taree


The Hate U Give Book Review!

Published October 2, 2018 by Shay Taree

Of course many of y’all know that I love to read and I just finished a book that I wanted to do a review for y’all for. The name of the book is called The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

The Hate U Give is about a girl by the name of Starr Carter who witnessed the death of her friend Khalil at the hands of a white police officer. It then shows the hate, stress, and sadness her, her family, and her community go through after this horrible event. It also touches on other events similar to this and the toll it can take on not just the person but everyone involved.

I completely fell in love with this book from the first page due to the fact that I could in some ways connect with Starr. This was due to the fact that she felt that she loved too different lives and had to change the way that she acted. While Starr lived in the “hood” she went to a school where she was only one of a few black kids. So while at school she didn’t want to act “too black” so that the stereotypes about black people wouldn’t be brought up.

While at home though she talked all the slang she wanted. She understood how the streets worked, but she also had a lot to learn. Once the death of her friend happened she definitely learned a lot and one thing she learned was bravery.

She learned what it took to be brave and what it takes to use your voice to make a change. The story tells of her testimony about what happened the night of the murder and the after affects in her community.

From her having to hide the fact that she was the witness to her having to try to protect her family from the secrets she finds out a long the way. I loved how it spoke about the snitching rule that seems to apply to minority neighborhoods when things happen and how this can definitely hinder the prosecution of someone. Plus it also shows what happens to those that do.

After reading this story I had the intense feeling of anger but also being very proud of who I am and what a voice can really do. So I definitely recommend everyone to read this book and also to watch the movie starring Amandla Stenberg which comes out in theatres October 5th.

Also be sure to check out my youtube channel if you haven’t already I’ll have it linked below. Also let me know if y’all would like me to do book reviews on my channel again.

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~Shay Taree