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What Anime Character Would You Voice?

Published July 19, 2016 by Shay Taree

As many of you know I do love to watch anime dubbed in English but I also do watch subtitles but if given the option I will watch the dub. 
But it got me to thinking about what anime characters would you love to voice if give the chance. I thought of 5 characters that I would love to voice!

1. Serena/Usagi (Sailor Moon): 

I would love to voice Serena because she is such an iconic character for me and one that I’ve always looked up to die to how caring she is for her friends and loved ones. I feel like voicing her would just make me feel happy and enjoy life. 

2. Panty (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt): 

Now I know that this is a stark difference from Serena but for some reason I feel like voicing Panty would be so much fun. Panty is extremely vulgar but I feel like voicing her would be a great way to let go of stress. 

3. Momo (Peach Girl):

I would have loved to voice Momo because I totally felt for her when it came to how she dealt with her friend Sae. 

4. Misty (Pokemon): 

The main reason I would love to voice Misty is because she has a tough exterior but underneath she is very soft and still a total girl and I love all those different sides of her. 

5. Meiko “Menma”(Anohana): 

So of course I had to add one character that is associated with a sad show and I absolutely loved the show Anohana even though it did make me cry. But the character Menma really touched me because of how pure she was and was always looking out for her friends and wanting to make sure that they are okay and she also just wanted them to be friends again. She is definitely the peacemaker and I feel like voicing her would be an emotional but amazing experience. 

Alright so those are my top 5 characters that I would love to voice if I was able. So what do you think of my list and please comment down below with one character that you would voice if you were able to.

I can’t wait to read your comments!

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

Which Anime Industry Job Would You Like?

Published March 17, 2015 by Shay Taree

Everyone of course wants to have that job where they are happy to go to work everyday or they have that job where it centers around their hobby or passion. So since many of us look at anime or manga as our hobby or passion what if anime could be your job?

I know that there are many different jobs within that particular field so which one would you love to do the most?
For me I would have to say either voice actor for anime or a script writer for anime. I like the idea of being a voice actor

because every time I hear an anime and hear the voices it makes me wonder how the actor came up with that voice, where they places that voice within their throat, and also how difficult is that voice to maintain. It’s definitely an art form that I love and would love to explore more.
The second one I’m interested in is a script writer 

and I just love the idea of being that puppet master and figuring out what should be said and why. Seeing if a joke transfers over well or just being able to figure out how a specific character with a specific personality would say a line or how they would say it.
So what would you all choose. I would love to know. So comment down below and like always I will always answer back.
~Anime Reviewe Girl!