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All About The Vic Mignogna Controversy!

Published February 6, 2019 by Shay Taree

In light of the recent events that have happened regarding Vic Mignogna I felt that I needed to talk about the events. I did mostly speak about what has been released in more of news sense but at the end of the video I do discuss my opinion on the allegations as well as the anime community as a whole. Also feel free to comment down below with your own opinions and I understand that many people may not agree with me.

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All About The Vic Mignogna Controversy!

~Shay Taree


SacAnime Day 3 & Final Recap!

Published September 6, 2015 by Shay Taree

Alright everyone I’m finally back home from SacAnime and omg the last day was so much fun! I didn’t do a whole lot and left kind of early to beat traffic but I still was able to do a few last minute things before I left. 

The first thing on the agenda was going to the Video Game Voice Acting Legends Panel. Which had Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Wally Wingert, Steve Downes, and Jen Taylor!

This panel was so much fun and very funny!!! I definitely had a good time listening to their stories and their experience when it comes to voice acting in video games.

The last and final panel I went to was the Mighty Morphen Power Rangers Panel 

and it was so cool to see some of my childhood favorite rangers all on one stage.

But overall that is what I did today on the last day of the convention. Also thanks so much for seeing and commenting on my posts. I hope you enjoyed them though and please continue to comment!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

What Anime Voice Actor(s) Would You Like To Meet?

Published April 27, 2015 by Shay Taree

Like I posted in a previous blog I’ve only been to one actual convention but I want to go to more. But many of you who commented also talked about the voice actors that you have met.

I haven’t met any but I have a lot that I want to meet so here are my top 5 English anime voice actors I would love to meet:
1. Johnny Yong Bosch
2 Todd Haberkon
3. Laura Bailey
4. Travis Willingham
5. J. Michael Tatum
The reason why I chose these 5 is because they are the voice actors who’s panels I watch the most. Also I think they are so good at what they do and in some instances I also look up to them.
But what are your top 5 voice actors toys would love to meet? But if you’ve met some voice actors before let me know which ones you’ve met. Comment down below and like always I will answer back!
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

My Top 5 English Voice Actors!

Published March 4, 2015 by Shay Taree
1. Johnny Yong Bosch

He voiced Ichigo in Bleach, Vash in Trigun, Lelouch in Code Geass, and he was also a Power Ranger! How cool is that!
2. Laura Bailey

She voiced Shin in Shin-Chan, Lust in Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Tohru in Fruits Basket, and Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball Z.
3. Todd Haberkorn

He voiced Ling Yao in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Allen Walker in D. Gray-Man, Keroro in Sgt. Frog, and Death the Kid in Soul Eater.
4. Travis Willingham

He has voiced Roy Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mori in Ouran High School Host Club, Yu Kanda in D. Gray-Man, and Ginko in Mushishi
And finally last but not least
5. J. Michael Tatum

He has voiced Sebastian in Black Butler, Kyoya in Ouran High School Host Club, Dororo in Sgt. Frog, and Scar in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
Those are my top 5 favorite voice actors. Let me know what you think and let me know who your favorite voices actors are. Also I know that I typically will write a review on the newest episode of Kuroko’s Basketball but I’ve decided to just so a full review once the show is finished. But like always comment down below and I will always answer back.
~Anime Reviewer Girl!