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What Makes Someone Inspiring?

Published March 27, 2020 by Shay Taree

Since so many of us are stuck in our homes at the moment it has given us a lot of time to do some self reflection. Also in my case its given me a lot of time to be on my social media accounts and check out peoples stories, pictures etc. But its also caused me to find that there are many people in my life that are very inspiring and who in a lot of ways I look up to.

Now these people aren’t doing anything crazy such as living an amazing lifestyle, or have lots of money, or anything like that. Many times these people are just so happy and positive that I can’t help but find them inspiring. It makes me look at my own life and think of what I want to change. It also makes me look at my life and want people to see me in that same light and to over all just be happier with the life that I currently have. It also has made me wonder what does make someone inspiring.

Well for me what makes someone inspiring is a few things:

  1. Their outlook on life. In today’s climate everything being talked about is always something bad that’s happened today. Its always great to see someone who is living in the present and is very optimistic with the outlook of today. Now they aren’t terribly optimistic but they do have an outlook on life that makes you think that not everything is bad and to see the positives in the negatives.

2. They don’t make you feel bad about yourself. Usually when it comes to social media it always feels like some sort of competition. Like you have to compete with those around you for who has the better life or looks the best. For me someone who is inspiring makes you feel happier about your own life. They help you to look at your life and feel grateful for it and not negative towards it. If you do want to change something in your life its because you want to and not because you feel it will help you get more likes on Instagram.

3. They make you feel happier. For me when I go on peoples pages that I find inspiring they have me leaving their page feeling happier than before. They give me a feeling like anything is possible and that everything is going to be okay. They also help inspire me to make my day better by working out or eating a little healthier. Or sometimes it’s just inspiring me to pick up a book and do something productive. Honestly its a feeling I can’t explain to well but all I know is that its a feeling that just leaves me feel happy and ready to take on or continue my day.

So those are the reasons that I feel makes someone inspiring. What are some reasons that you have? Comment them down below because I would love to read them. Also check out my youtube channel and subscribe if you like.


~Shay Taree