Anime Rival?!

Published August 7, 2015 by Shay Taree

Alright so everyone in an anime has some sort of rival and usually that person helps them to get stronger in some sort of way. So my question is what anime character if they were real would be your rival?

This was a difficult question for me to think about and to be honest I think my rival would be Kagami from Kuroko’s Basketball. 

The reason why I say him is because I love to play basketball and feel like he would always tease me.

Yes I know that this is a weird question to ask but I think that it would be fun to ask and see people answers. So comment down below on who you think your rival would be I can wait to read them.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

21 comments on “Anime Rival?!

  • I’d say I want to beat Lelouch from Code Geass in any realistic war strategy video game. If I can do that, I’m basically the best war strategy gamer in the world!!

  • Your question isn’t weird,it’s awesome! Also my rival would be either Princess Nakaba,or ANY FEMALE VOCALOID THAT IS SHIPPED WITH LEN!!
    Sadly both of these are linked guy. I like Princess Nakaba,don’t get me wrong,and I would protect with my life I had to…But no one,and I mean,NO,ONE is going steal Loki’s heart but me! uh *cough,cough* I mean,she,shouldn’t be so cute to him.
    And the Vocaloid stuff is because I’m protective of Len,but it’s not like we’d meet,or he’d fall for me,or anything like that… (Crawls to bedroom and sulks on bed,while stalker in closet listens)

    • Lol well thank you so much for thinking that my question was so awesome! Sometimes my brain thinks of weird questions hehe. But I love your answer and I love how you wrote in actions it really made me imagine you doing that!

  • Anime already answered this for me, Maxi from InuHasa.

    Kojo from Strike the Blood would be the person I’d BE rival to, though. Thwarting that twerp at every opportunity would bring me never ending joy.

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