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Did The Anime Kings Game Influence The Movie Truth Or Dare?

Published March 31, 2018 by Shay Taree

Since I’ve noticed that anime has had a lot of influence on a lot of influence on so many things lately this got me thinking about the new movie Truth or Dare starring Lucy Hale. I keep seeing the trailer for this movie and it made it think of the anime Kings Game that aired recently. So check out my video to hear me explain the similarities that I’ve been noticing between the two.

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~Shay Taree

My Top 5 Favorite Mangas!

Published March 28, 2018 by Shay Taree

I know its another manga video but this time I’m talking about my top 5 favorites and I may do another one if y’all enjoy this one. So check out what mangas made it into my top 5.

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~Shay Taree

Practicing Self Care!

Published March 26, 2018 by Shay Taree

Welcome everyone for another motivational Monday video! I hope that you enjoy it and it brightens up your Monday. I also hope that it gives you all something to think about.

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~Shay Taree

Love & Lies Manga Vol 1 Review!

Published March 24, 2018 by Shay Taree

Sorry for the long delay everyone but I’m finally back with a new video. In this weeks video I’m going to review the first volume of the manga Love & Lies. So check out what I had to say about to manga.

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~Shay Taree

Self Reflection & Self Confidence!

Published March 19, 2018 by Shay Taree

I know that usually on Monday’s I do a motivational video but due to catching a cold I decided to instead do a motivational blog post. For this blog post I also decided to be a little more open than I usually am. This is mostly due to the thoughts and feelings that I’ve had floating through my mind for the past few months.

About almost 6 months ago I lost my job with the reason being that my boss felt that I was not right for my job after me being there for almost 6 months. Needless to say I wasn’t shocked but it was definitely something that once it happened I didn’t know what to do. This was the first time since graduating from college that I didn’t have a job and I didn’t know where to turn to next. So I did the only thing that I could do and that was going to Disneyland on a trip that was already planned and then I would figure out what was next once I got back.

Well once I got back and my friends went back to work it was then that I was hit with the realization that I was now without a job except for a seasonal position that I got right before being let go from my full time job. But regardless it was time to hit the ground running with pulling out my resume and start sending it out to any and all companies that I thought I would be a good fit. Let’s just say that I ended up not really hearing back from any of the companies and my inbox was filled with the endless amounts of rejection emails.

Was I discouraged well not quite yet because I knew that finding another job wasn’t going to be easy. Especially because this time I wanted to find a job that was outside of the customer service realm that I had been in for the past 4 years. I wanted to do something in public relations, marketing, or communications. You know something I could really use my degree for. But most jobs even entry level ones wanted more experience than I definitely had.

Knowing this didn’t help my confidence either and I would spend several days crying or being frustrated. Mostly feeling like I wasn’t living up to my best life or that I was disappointing my parents. Not only that but I also felt that no matter what job I got it wouldn’t be right for me. Knowing that was the reason why I lost my job made me realize that I can’t fix that. If I was told I was late all the time, never there, or didn’t have a good work ethic then I could understand and I can fix that. But telling me a job doesn’t fit the person I am…. well I can’t fix that. The worst part is being told that by someone else and not coming to that conclusion on your own.

So now that’s something that I take with me every time I apply to a new job and it’s a fear I have. But I’m working on not letting the fear continue to have a hold on me and I’m so grateful for everyone that has supported me. Including all of you that read this blog and watch my videos.

But why I mostly wrote this post is to show that none of us are perfect and it’s okay to have times where you feel weak. It’s also okay to ask for help and to let people know of the fears that you have. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I’m using this down time I have to perfect my craft of blogging and YouTube and who knows where it may go. So let me know what you thought of this post and if y’all would like a video on this or something similar. Also feel free to comment down below your thoughts, feelings, and stories as well. I would love to read them and honestly any and all encouragement is welcome. Thanks again so much!

~Shay Taree

Kiss Me At The Stroke Of Midnight Vol 1 Review!

Published March 14, 2018 by Shay Taree

So I’m back with another review and this time giving my first impression on a new manga. This manga was pretty enjoyable to read so check out my full review to know what I liked about this manga and my predictions. Enjoy & Subscribe!

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People’s Opinions!

Published March 12, 2018 by Shay Taree

For this weeks Motivational Monday post I decided to talk about people’s opinions. I hope y’all enjoy it and feel free to share this video with anyone you feel will benefit from it.

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~Shay Taree