Her Impact Issue #0 Review!

Published February 1, 2018 by Shay Taree

I recently got contacted by some fabulous people to review an indie manga by the name of Her Impact. Since I’ve never read any indie manga before I decided to give it a shot.

Her Impact is about a African Japanese single mother by the name of Sadie “Amaya” Hiroshi who takes up boxing reviving her father legacy. The manga starts off with you reading a little bit about her backstory concerning her father and how great of a boxer he was while also giving you detail regarding the match where her parents met. It then takes you into present day with you learning about Sadie’s day to day life concerning her job and her family dynamic involving her son Aiden. While out buying her son a present for doing well in school she happens upon a young man who suggests she take up a boxing class.

To be honest while reading the manga I was a little confused on where it was headed. When it first started out with her talking about her father I was already interested to learn more about the Impact this had on her and her mom. I thought she would have already been involved in boxing and trying to live up to her fathers name. So when it went to present day and showed her at a desk job and then talking about her boss I was a little shocked. This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy learning about how she got into boxing I just would have thought it would have been saved for later in the story as a great backstory and also just a little bit shorter.

I did enjoy the character Sadie overall since I liked how she can switch up her personality depending on whom she’s around. She can be really sweet when talking to the clerk at the bookstore, confused when wondering what her son is reading, but also rough around the edges when pushed hard enough. I also love what you saw so far regarding her relationship with her son. Her son appears to be a good kid and also very smart.

I also really enjoyed the art style in this manga and it heavily reminded me of reading the boondocks comic strips as a kid. I also didn’t mind the sometime wordiness of this first chapter since that also gave me the boondocks vibe.

Overall I feel like this series can go so many different ways concerning the storyline that I can’t wait to see how it happens and what path the author decided to take. I also wanna say thank you to the individuals that contacted me about reading Her Impact as I had a great time reading the start of this series and I can’t wait to read more.

~ Shay Taree

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